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To Whom It May Concern:

I have been associated with Ken Canfield and his business, MY-CAN, since he took over the management/ownership position approximately two years ago. He has provided service for the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds for that period of time.

Ken is a businessman that we can always count on. He arrives at the appointed time, he does what he says he will do and he does it with a smile. If we need something extra, Ken will find a way to supply what we need, when we need it. He understands the importance of being available at a moment's notice during a major event, and has spent LONG hours on our grounds in order to meet the needs of our exhibitors. He has become familiar with our operation and has made helpful suggestions that have improved our service to our visitors.

As the Office Manager, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Ken during two Fairs, and have truly enjoyed the association. He remains cheerful and helpful after 16 hours on the job! I will be happy to discuss his capabilities in person with anyone who is interested, and will gladly provide further references from other Fair related managers.

Linda Purdy
Office Manager,
Shiawassee County Agricultrual Society

Mr. Ken Canfield,

The Curwood Festival, Inc has just held it's 29th successful annual festival in Owosso, Michigan.

Our continuous success is owed to the hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers, generous sponsors, positive public media, and a supporting community. This year, I feel I need to add MY-CAN to this list.

On behalf of the Curwood Festival, I would like to express our gratitude and thanks for all that you and MY-CAN did for our 2006 festivities. Never have we heard or received such praise on Portable Toilets as we did this past Festival. Normally, talking about Portable Toilets seemed to be a taboo. Toilets are something needed, but not talked about. Well Mr. Canfield, at this past Festival, MY-CAN seemed to have removed this taboo. We received compliments on how nice your Portables looked, how clean and fresh they were, and the most popular, the Hand Sanitizer you furnished in all your units.

MY-CAN and its energetic employee's did a wonderful job setting the numerous Portable Toilets throughout Owosso in the Festival and Parade areas. The Portables that needed to be moved on a daily bases were done within the time frame instructed. This was very impressive to our City Liaison as well as myself.

In addition to your Portable Toilets, we were very pleased with the other items we rented from your business as well. These items were also delivered and distributed as instructed in a very timely manor. Everything we received from MY-CAN was clean and in good working order.

Mr. Canfield, you had a tough job convincing me to try your Business. As I had told you months prior to our Festival, I was very impressed with the considerable savings you were offering yet I had a fear of changing suppliers. In 29 years, the Curwood Festival has only twice tried other Portable Toilet suppliers. Only after using them did we realize that our savings were not worth the product or service we received. Each time we returned to our old but reliable source.

I have only had the responsibility for ordering Curwood's rented equipment for two years now. I was very reluctant on trying another supplier because of Curwood's past record. The Festival did not need a repeat of the past. Mr. Canfield, not only did MY-CAN make our Festival look and function smooth, you proved my decision to be impressive as well. MY-CAN did everything you said and more. You are truly a man of your word.

Thanks again to you, MY-CAN and all its employees!

Lon Horton
Outpost Chairman &
Curwood Festival Board Member